Sunday, June 13, 2010

...and the Tony goes to...

i should have made some hard and fast predictions about who would win a tony and who wouldn't but that's no fun when pretty much everyone knows -- or thinks they know -- how it's going to go. it's thrilling to see greatness onstage or onscreen but i think actors get awards for their body of work -- not necessarily for their particular performance. it's all about star power. remember back in the day when an oscar nomination for katherine hepburn meant that she would win? everything she'd done was under consideration, everything was under that microscope. even her personal life. especially her personal life, probably. you gotta have a backstory.

something to think about, the next time the actor you're cheering for loses. or never gets nominated in the first place.

i just saw a documentary called i knew it was you about the film/theater actor john cazale. (you know who he is, you just don't know it. he's just that good.) he was only in 5 movies. they all received academy award nominations for best picture. something like a total of 40 nominations. although hitting five in a row is quite an accomplishment for any actor, mr. cazale never got one nomination for his work -- and yet, he was and still is the actor that other great actors are in awe of and inspired by. his work still resonates.

awards, evidently, aren't everything.

i must say, i especially liked viola davis' thank you speech. maybe it was the dress, but i thought she was radiant.

the aftertalk is always interesting, isn't it. here's denzel and viola in a backstage q&a.

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