Friday, March 15, 2013

where's the fun?

i really want to go out tonight and have some fun with mpb but i can't because this is new york city and there really isn't much fun out there. at least, not on the weekends.  the streets are filled with a lot of blipsters, sex and the city girls, the usual bridge and tunnel crowd, college students that seem way too much like high school students, european tourists, and hipsters, hipsters, hipsters. where can i go to get away from hipsters? williamsburg? the lower east side? even harlem is infested with them. (more on that later.)

sometimes if i'm not working, i go see a show on a friday or saturday night -- but if i do, i have to know its going to be fantastic.  that means that if you see me out and about on the weekends, i'm having a really good time. the thing is, i really have to dig to find my fun in these parts -- or make my fun, which is what i usually end up doing, mostly because as a performer, i am the fun. 

fun shouldn't be this much work. it definitely shouldn't be this expensive.

tomorrow, i'm going to go to galapagos art space to see the floating kabarette, because i still love the circus. i'll let you know how much fun i found.

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