Friday, January 09, 2009

what in the world is making me so happy?

here's a list.
  1. living in west harlem
  2. totally wearing myself out in boxing class so hardcore i can barely move the next day when i wake up
  3. the park next to the fairway uptown
  4. hanging out downtown and telling myself i'll walk for awhile to stretch my legs and get some air -- and then i end up walking all the way uptown
  5. garageband
  6. the consomme de chivo at acapulco caliente, my favorite mexican spot uptown -- but they only serve it on sundays and they usually run out by mid afternoon (*sigh*)
  7. dim sum
  8. high tea
  9. bugs bunny
  10. legit, totally legal cable tv. it's a little addictive...until i tell myself that it's my job as an actor to know what's out there. that's why i can write it off on my taxes.
  11. oversleep
  12. hopscotching all of the city and sitting in at everybody's open mic, singing standards and goofing off
  13. the mexican hot chocolate at the chocolate bar at henri bendel's on 5th avenue
  14. the spicy hot chocolate at vosges in soho
  15. the peppermint hot chocolate mix from williams-sonoma (yeah, it's that good.)
  16. ordering beautiful woolen yarn online
  17. roast duck with hoisin sauce, straight outta chinatown
  18. sharing a newspaper with a complete stranger
  19. kwaanza
  20. a red eye -- and upon occasion, a black eye. i haven't had a dead eye since college.
  21. sitting on the sofa practicing guitar watching some program on cable about art or science or history or whatever and listening to my friend say, "what he just said about (whatever) isn't true." and then when i goad him into it, he gives me a thorough explanation. and he's right. (schwingggg!)
  22. scotch eggs (God help me.)
  23. wandering through MoMA on a tuesday afternoon like i haven't got a care in the world
  24. the manicure/pedicure special at jeniette salon
  25. taking a formal voice lesson and singing full out on material i never get to perform -- like arias and lieders
  26. giving children candy
  27. the musk oil from kiehl's. i could bathe in that stuff. (is it really a love potion? probably.)
  28. daydreaming
  29. my army issued zip out padded fake fur lined so-ugly-they're-fabulous green snow pants. because nothing's better than being toasty warm when its freezing outside.
  30. africans who assume i'm from africa and then are kind of freaked out when i explain that i'm not
  31. letters and postcards from john job in oak ridge, tennessee
  32. losing weight and getting my body back (finally.)
  33. making any kind of progress, guitarwise -- like when the bar chords come easier
  34. knitting on the subway
  35. creamy kiehl's lotion. and that liquid soap, too. can't get enough of that stuff. my skin is so glowy happy right now, it's ridiculous.
  36. adult swim
  37. writing and falling into a daze filled with ideas and strange visions that have me typing away all afternoon, like i'm under a spell
  38. being loved and adored
  39. the lingerie shop brasmyth on the upper west side -- especially now that i know what my actual bra size is
  40. spa treats in koreatown
  41. baking the perfect layer cake -- especially if it's red velvet (it's my friend's favorite!)
  42. top shop and H & M and (of all places) forever 21
  43. the steam room at NYSC 125 or at NYSC 14
  44. aaron, my boxing instructor (soon-to-be personal trainer, when i can afford it) -- he's pretty freakin' cool because he knows how to push me by challenging me without berating me

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