Sunday, January 11, 2009

the essentials

steadily listing it as i'm living it.
  1. what about our daughters? -- simply put, i LOVE this site.
  2. guitar noise -- completely and utterly FREE guitar lessons. let's face it: if you want to learn how to do anything, from building a house to baking a cake, you can pretty much figure out all of the particulars on the internet.
  3. the daily plate -- they say the best way to lose weight is to write down what you eat and how you're burning it off. this website is a great tool, with shifting color coded pie charts, excercise options and everything else.
  4. map my run -- this is a one stop shop to find a run, keep a training log, locate events, etc.
  5. sonicbids -- this is a great tool for submitting my songs all over the place.
  6. look, no hands! -- when i'm looking for a chord, i sometimes start here.
  7. london street fashion -- when i want to rethink the way i'm wearing the clothes in my closet and i need a style boost, don't pick up a fashion magazine. i usually glance at this website.
  8. negrophile -- defined as "one who admires and supports Black people and their culture" -- is smart and insightful, and chok-full of media flotsam and jetsam about people of color
  9. rhymes with snitch -- ...and yikes! so is this...
  10. buzzflash -- i usually bounce around here first when it's time to take in the morning news

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