Monday, January 05, 2009

hip-hop, translated.

i think i love nerdcore hip-hop, way more than i probably should. i've been convinced for quite some time now that information is sexy. this is a part of the reason why art geeks with smart mouths and easy dispositions are my kryptonite. nothing breaks me down like some guy that's dressed like it's 50 years ago and he's going on in this low brow way about high art. with calloused hands, no less. he's got a cool old car with suicide doors. and he prefers the butthole surfers to sonic youth. and yeah, he eats meat.

these guys are definitely right up my alley with this video. very clever stuff. nothing you haven't seen before -- the movie airplane with beaver cleaver's mom speaking "jive" fluently comes to mind -- but not exactly quite like this.


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