Saturday, January 10, 2009

gin n' juice, for real

don't wonder why snoop dog is making forays into country music, singing duets with willie nelson and such -- with this c&w cover of one of his most popular songs, he's garnered a devoted redneck audience that he could never have anticipated. and he's scrambling to figure out a way to cash in on it.

why? because you can have a career in country music, no matter how old you are as long as you and your songs are compelling. because evidently, people who buy country music -- all those red state folks -- are very loyal fans. and because country musicians consistently make money.

mark my words: black country music is the wave of the future. think about it. it's the only hybrid that hasn't exploded yet and that hasn't been truly explored. and when it does, it could very well be the thing that instigates real change and racial healing in this country. but that's just my opinion...

this version (recorded in february '08) of gin n' juice is by the gourds -- a grand 14 minutes long. enjoy!

part one

part two

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