Wednesday, March 15, 2006

newsflash #2!

i didn't get the part in the nanny diaries. they said that they loved me as an actress but they wanted someone that was more "corporate."

my friend said that he wasn't surprised that i didn't get the part. (he's the one that ran lines with me.) in the description of the character, it asked for "perky" -- and according to him, that just isn't me. "but i can act perky," i countered. "i'm an actor, remember?"

"movies don't have anything to do with acting," he said flatly.

"but i can act," i said weakly.

"it doesn't really matter," he said, "unless you're doing theater." and then he went on. "they'll get some character actor to do it. you'll see."

"i see your point," i began, "but i don't necessarily think that's it. if i had dressed more corporate or straightened my hair or something..."

"given them the visual effect..."

"yeah," i said.

"what does that have to do with acting?"

and on and on we went. i love talking to him. strangely, he doesn't ever bully me -- verbally or otherwise. we just think out loud together and bounce ideas off of each other. it's dreamy.

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