Saturday, March 18, 2006

i think he's in kuwait...


this is my baby brother, somewhere in the middle east. isn't he handsome? the world calls him john. we call him moniah.

he comes home in april for awhile. i don't know if he'll come home again before the end of the year, so i have to get there while he's stateside. basically, he belongs to the military until late '07, i think.

i don't know how he can wear all those clothes in the desert.

when i was small, he was mine. i changed his diapers. i put him on my back and took him with me when i went wandering through the woods. he was so beautiful. and now he's something like 6'4'' or so -- and so gigantically huge, sometimes i think he ate the kid i used to take care of. he eats everything in sight, too. he loves gordon lightfoot. and bugs bunny. and crunk. he writes poetry. he makes music.

to get the full effect, i suppose you'd have to see a snapshot of what he looked like when he was three.

he's over there right this minute, eight hours ahead of me all the time, shooting at things and getting shot at, probably. i don't really like to think about any of it very much. it makes me sick to my stomach to think that anything bad could ever happen to him.

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