Thursday, March 16, 2006

but wait! there's more!

my manager for the acting stuff just called. i'm going in for law and order tomorrow evening. i don't know which franchise -- criminal intent, sexual victim's unit or the standard issue original. i'm going to skip out and pick up my sides right now. guess what the part is? "black woman" -- and probably an angry one, too. (is there any other kind?) i made klingman give me the lowdown. evidently, they're looking for my boyfriend so they bust my door down while i'm in bed with someone else. *sigh* hey, it is what it is.

on the one hand, i'm excited but on the other hand, i'm like, oh, fer cryin' out loud! ever since i joined SAG, i've been in there a million times or more. me and a million other black girls. it's like a wierd revolving door for theater actors that need to build their reel. they keep calling you in until you land something and then you can't do it anymore.

boy, am i sick of seeing everyone i know but me doing their bit part on that show or what. who knows? maybe it's my turn...


piu piu said...

ha ha ha ha

you'll make a PERFECT 'black woman'. i can totally see you in the part. totally.

queenesther said...

right?! oh, this is going to be a piece of cake. i'm going to go in there and EXPLODE. you watch. i'm going to make someone in that room wet their pants.