Saturday, March 18, 2006

i want my saturdays back!

i remember when saturdays meant something: sitting around in my pajamas eating fruit loops and watching bugs bunny all day, then running around in the woods until eveningtime came along and my mother would call us in because it was too dark to play anymore. now saturday means housecleaning usually, oversleep if i'm lucky, a pot of lapsang souchong if i can get it and a mandatory afternoon workout in the gym -- no excuses. and no cartoons. they all suck now, anyway.

so i've decided to give my saturdays an overhaul, in three easy steps:
  1. CARTOONS! i found a bunch of bugs bunny dvds online that were so exhaustive, i had to call my brother ramon in ATL and tell him about it. i have to get them all. that'll start my saturday off right, no matter where i am in the world.
  2. skip breakfast. all that sugary fun day glo cereal is out -- and it has been for quite some time. for some wierd reason, i'm happiest if i don't eat anything until noon.
  3. shut yerself in. it's really got to be worth my while to leave my apartment on a saturday because going anywhere in NYC on the weekends is a nightmare. i should stay in and practice, practice, practice. and watch netflix at night.
that being said, i've got an action-packed evening planned. tonight, i'm going to see jc hopkins at rockwood music hall and then i'm probably going to go to the slipper room to see scotty the blue bunny and some late-night burlesque with a bunch of my friends. as long as i work out and clean house before i disappear until 5am, i won't be all that concerned about much else. i've had a long week. i need some fun.

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