Saturday, July 23, 2005

they shot the wrong guy in london!

it's only a matter of time until this kind of idiocy and paranoia happens in nyc. the guy they shot was brazilian -- dark hair, dark eyes, brown skin -- an easy target. he probably thought they wouldn't shoot him. frankly, i would have assumed the same thing. i mean, wow, i didn't know that cops in london carried guns. at least, they didn't when i was there -- but clearly that was pre-9/11. maybe there was a language barrier and he didn't know what was going on. according to eyewitness accounts, they had him pinned down on the subway and one of the cops shot him five times, anyway.

why is it such a mystery that he ran away from them? i can't think of any black folk that run towards police when they're chasing you.

is anyone going to do some serious jail time for this? sue them for millions of pounds, perhaps? anything but another one of those sincere public apologies. he was a 27 year old electrician on his way to work. sorry is just not enough.

everytime i'm running around in the city and i pass some soldier decked out in full jungle camoflage with a machine gun at the ready, i'm thinking, who's next. the cops shoot the wrong black man all the time and they justify it. now the military can start doing it, too.

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