Saturday, July 02, 2005

101 Things To Do Before You Die

my friend laura gave me a book of lists for my birthday called "101 Things To Do Before You Die." being a constant listmaker, i was fascinated. you mark things off with star stickies, descriptions and photos when you accomplish them. it makes for colorful and interesting city reading on the subway or while i'm waiting in line for something, or whatever. today i realized that i'd done something like one-fourth of those things already and i'm well on my way to at least half of it in another year or so. like the "travel to other countries" sections. heck, i'm a musician. that's covered. "milk a cow"? i did that as a child. hey, wait a minute. "ride the world's greatest roller coasters"? actually, that would be bizarre that two of them are in ohio. it'll be interesting when she gets the book and we start doing some of this stuff together. maybe we could make it a group effort!

i think this book is for people who are stuck in their day job routines or they're in some kind of a life rut or something. i'm so used to flying by the seat of my pants and doing new things and taking risks in the most ordinary mundane moments of my life that at this juncture, i would find it very difficult to live any other way.

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