Thursday, July 14, 2005

one down, two to go...

i said i'd get three vintage diane von furstenberg wrap dresses for my birthday. here's the first one. ain't it a beaut? and its a size 4, so i'm officially a slim jim. but i still can't run a mile in ten minutes. i think i've lost about twenty pounds so far. (to celebrate my emminent weight loss, i ate an entire cuban sandwich for dinner. it was as big as me. well done!)

i love these dresses because they're so unusual and effortless and feminine and they transition well into every season. and i love it that it's silk, which is so durable and luxurious. but the kicker is that it looks great on every figure, no matter what the flaws. it makes every female form look lovely, no matter the size or shape.

i should have had these dresses years ago but i didn't know about them and even if i had i probably would have hated myself too much to understand in a basic fundamental way that i truly deserved to wear them.

this vintage wrap dress thing is like only eating one potato chip. i'm already stalking another one on ebay. if my money holds out, i'll bet i have ten of them before the end of the summer...

how is it possible that a dress could make me this happy?

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