Tuesday, July 12, 2005


my roommate is out of town for ten days. wheeeee!!!!!!! i'm running around in my apartment half-naked, throwing lots of things away (like stacks of newspapers that i never look at any more), playing my music really loud, taking nice long hot bubble baths and having friends over in the middle of the night. i clean things and *gasp* they stay clean! i come home and the place is dark and empty and everything is in order. it feels so good, i'm giggling as i tiptoe in the darkness and reach for the lights. it feels like a little miracle. the roses on my piano are still fresh from the last wedding and it's making my living room smell so lovely that everytime i walk through there, i feel a little twitch of happiness.

i want to live by myself all the time. even if i ever get married. especially if i get married. well. if i can't live by myself, i definitely want my own room...

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Ally said...

I think that having your own room is definitely one of the secrets of a successful marriage :).

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