Friday, July 29, 2005

another quick list of happy things (51 - 60)

51. a really good salmon skin hand roll. (if they’re done right, they’re addictive!)

52. running errands, housecleaning, grocery shopping and making lists in the middle of the night when there are no lines, no people, no traffic, no nothing. just a blue-black sky filled with stars and me at that 24 hour european market on the upper west side, scrounging for kumquats and parsnips and chatting in french with the african greengrocer.

53. my grandmother’s cooking (especially her red rice)

54. running into someone that i used to be crazy about that probably hurt my feelings, maybe—and realizing that they haven’t crossed my mind in ages, i feel absolutely nothing for them and i don’t want them anymore. and then i have an epiphany and i think, wow. i don’t even want to talk to them, to find out what they’re up to or if they’re happy with someone else because i just don’t freaking care. yippee! i’m free! i really am “over it”. what a great feeling! that’s almost as exciting as falling in love. gee. maybe more. (remember, kids: the opposite of love isn’t hate. it’s indifference.)

55. same scenario as #54 with an added bonus: i look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and he can feel true indifference emanating from me like a sunshower. (basic rule for modern urban living: one must always look beautiful in the presence of an ex.)

56. same scenario as #54 and #55 except whoever he’s seeing now is with him when he runs into me somewhere in the city and she’s not as cool as i am and she knows it and so does he. (and yeah, this has happened to me twice. it was like getting high or something. it was like winning the lotto. whenever i feel bad about anything, i think back to those situations. almmost immediately, everything brightens and all of a sudden, i’m a happier girl.)

57. having a black eye with heavy whipping cream slathered on top in the middle of the night when i have to meet a deadline. sort of an americanized viennese coffee—the best i can do with my international taste buds acting up and only the local bodega at my disposal.

58. movie night#1: going over to Carol’s place, ordering 2 cobb salads from EJ’s luncheonette and some rice pudding, and watching two or three movies back to back that we siezed from Blockbuster earlier that evening.

59. sipping tea and practicing the guitar in my frilliest bra and panties (i don’t know why i can’t wear an old filthy scrub t-shirt like everyone else, i really don’t) while watching stuff like aqua teen hunger force and sealab 2021 and that hilarious idiot show the venture brothers on adult swim in the middle of the night, and laughing my head off.

60. same scenario as #59 with an added bonus: somewhere in there, i stop laughing long enough to realize that i’ve learned two or three more chords or yet another beatles song.

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