Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Bucket List 2014 -- The Harlem Edition

I like bucket lists but I don't see any that accommodate me: a dazzling urbanite that's highly creative and still curious enough hope for the kind of fun that I can only have in New York City -- and yes, preferably Harlem.  Even though this place feels like an elegant gentrified corpse most of the time, there is a heart that still beats somewhere in these mean streets.  In a way it doesn't matter because I know how to make my own fun.  On the other hand, it matters a lot because this is New York City -- the one place in the world where I shouldn't have to work this hard to find things that are unique to this city.

Here's what I'll be up to this spring.
  1. The Clean Program -- because nothing recalibrates me from the inside out like this does.
  2. Africa Now! Festival, April 2 - 6
  3. The FREE 30-Day Yoga Challenge
  4. Keith Faison Presents An Easter Show, April 19th at The Apollo Theater
  5. The Annual Easter Parade of Hats, April 20
  6. La Casa Day Spa Detoxification Package
  7. Harlem Jazz Shrines, May 4 - 10
  8. Radiant Light: Stained Glass from Canterbury Cathedral at The Cloisters, February 25 - May 18
  9. Gauguin: Metamorphoses, March 8 - June 8
  10. Carrie Mae Weems: The Museum Series, January 30 - June 29

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