Monday, March 03, 2014

NaBloPoMo -- March, 2014

This month's theme is SELF. Blogging means writing about yourself, usually -- right? I don't really know what that theme means.  Whatever. Writing is something that lets me wring my brain out when I wake up.  Suddenly, my thoughts are orderly and assembled just so.  The subject matter is irrelevant. Those morning pages are the perfect set up.

Still thinking about the hot toddy I had at Superfine on Sunday.  (Actually, I had three of them.) Happy days.


Anonymous said...

I love hot toddies. Also I started a NaBloPoMo community on Google+. Would be great to have you join! :)

Queen Esther said...

I am now a member. Thank you for the invitation. I hope you like what you read...!