Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ten things

i'm getting ready to skip town with blood. in my head, my bags are already packed -- sort of. one of them is practically empty to make room for all the stuff i'd like to bring back, like kirschwasser and kindereggs (just in time for halloween!) and of course, something strange and unexpected, like a vintage pair of lederhosen. (just in time for halloween!) who knows what i'll find, if i look hard enough.

believe it or not, i need a separate zippered container in my suitcase for all of my beauty products -- because frankly, my left leg could drink up one of those travel sized bottles of lotion overnight, all by itself. and no, i'm not even going to get into how thirsty my thick, thick hair is in its natural state.

this is my latest list, spun out of me haphazardly on the way to the gym:
  1. zantac
  2. grether's pastilles blackcurrant glycerine drops
  3. universal adaptor
  4. digital recorder
  5. humidifier
  6. slippery elm tea
  7. small (but powerful!) mini-speakers
  8. collapsible water bottle
  9. collapsible to-go container
  10. motrin
there's got to be a better, more efficient way to travel internationally -- without paying a lot of fees. maybe this is it.

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