Saturday, September 01, 2012


i'm headed to the deutchland in a few weeks to sing/perform/have fun/cut up with guitar icon james "blood" ulmer so there's a lot of german words spinning through me at random these days.  i don't care if everyone speaks the good king's english. i intend to pick up a phrase book and learn how to say a few basic things while i'm there. stuff like, what is that and don't touch my stuff and where's the bathroom and what time is it and get away from me. (heh.) yeah, stuff like that.

i'll level with you: when i was a small tot, dreaming of becoming a chic, sophisticated chanteuse/performer, set adrift in the world whilst drowning in flowers and champagne and happiness -- i thought i'd be the toast of paris,  not berlin.  but berlin, as it turns out, was -- and still is -- quite the decadent little metropolis, and germany is a very trippy place.

oh. we'll be in austria, too.

the line-up:

mark petersen - bass
g. calvin weston - drums
james "blood" ulmer - vocals, guitar
myself - vocalist

my phone won't work over there but (hopefully) i'll have internet access and if i do, expect some crack up stuff. in the meantime, here's one of my favorite songs from blood -- "church: are you glad to be in america?"

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