Sunday, November 04, 2007

today's the day

a few years ago, i made a wish out loud when i was hanging out at tracey moffatt's place one day: words weren't enough -- i wanted to take pictures of my world. tracey and franco mondini-ruiz promptly gave me enough cash to buy a casio exilim Z50, as a birthday present. and with that everything changed. my whole life exploded creatively in this whole other direction. i found myself wanting to tell stories with pictures. the little movies and photos i took compelled me to think visually. every click made me strangely happy.

and then the camera got stolen when my friend and i took a day trip to jersey one weekend.

i felt badly about it because that camera was from tracey and franco. but then again, they didn't give me the camera, per se -- what they really gave me is a visual life, a different way of looking at things. out of sentiment, i wanted the same camera but they don't make it anymore. so today's the day: i'm going to b&h this afternoon after church to get an upgrade.

i had a casio exilim, so i think i'm going to stick with that brand. i want to be able to take action shots and take better pictures in low light. and i don't want to pay more than $200 for it.

PS: here's the kicker -- a photo i took of harriet tubman's home for the aged in auburn, new york is to be published in a children's book about her, in the spring. (me, a published photographer? who knew? i didn't.)

how did they find me? someone googled me on flickr, of course.

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