Friday, November 23, 2007

buy nothing day

my friend constantly tells me that i have way more stuff than he does but i don't have anywhere near as much stuff as most people i know. besides, a lot of his stuff is in storage. and he's got a jillion comic books. whatever.

that said, i don't shop recreationally because i can't afford it -- but even if i could, i wouldn't spend, spend, spend. i'm way too frugal. i'm going to be the multi-millionaire that everyone thinks is broke because i'll clip coupons and shop at sam's and eat in. no one is going to know that i'm loaded. interestingly, that's the way it is with most rich people.

i wonder how many millionaires next door were at walmart today?

anyway, i think most days should be "buy nothing day" -- because people don't need to eat or wear most of the crap they buy. especially in this country.

what did you buy today?

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faboo said...

Not a thing. I don't like to shop, but you couldn't pay me to go out with the crazies on the Friday after Thanksgiving. I won't even step foot in a store. I went to the gym, came home and painted picture frames for my kids bedroom.