Tuesday, November 27, 2007

blonde on black

ps: just in case you didn't know what i was referring to when i mentioned blonde hair on the famous african-americans of today, here's two you've probably seen a lot. for the record, this one is eve

and this one is mary j. blige

i suppose i could wax some kind of poetic about the pain and expense that they had to endure to get their hair to look like that (nevermind the contacts or the makeup, if you can) but it's so far removed from what they're naturally like, you could probably fill in the blanks for yourself. if i wanted tamara dobson's afro when i was a little kid, i shudder to think of what black girls see when they watch their videos ad infinitum on b.e.t. and then look in the mirror.


garland said...

I think the blonde hair looks nice on those chicks.
And I like big afros and nappy hair too. they're not mutually exlusive.
Don't be a Nazi. it's just friggin hairdos. no hairdo signifies black authenticity. You have to see inside the head. not on top.

queenesther said...

it's not about being authentically black. it's about self immolation. me, a Nazi? far from it. this post on the blog the other "N" word sums it up rather nicely, i think.