Monday, November 05, 2007

A story about "Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style"

by Tim Gunn

i lovelovelove this book. why?

he’s got this conversational tone, like he’s at your elbow walking you through it all—whether it’s a sample sale or your own closets or a seasonal sale at loehman’s. he’s high brow but he’s accessible and so effortlessly self-deprecating that you find yourself wanting to like him even if you really didn’t think you would. he’s smart and he’s cool and he uses what are commonly considered to be complicated things (like kierkegaard, for example) to explain something very simple (how you present yourself is a reflection of who you are—be your authentic self at all times. accept who you are and be that person when you get dressed.) and makes it all easy to digest.

i saw my closets (and myself) so differently after reading this book. the dresses i was holding on to, out of sentiment; the pants i was hoping to fit into but couldn’t (but would, someday, believe me); that blouse i never wore. no wonder i swung the closet door open time and time again, only to say “i have nothing to wear.” and i didn’t—that is, nothing that reflects who i am NOW.

i’m an artist, so this is how i dress anyway. i pride myself on not dressing up like anyone else. but it had me thinking in another direction about clothes and presentation. and for me, that’s always a good thing.

very simple. makes sense. we should all do it. especially if we live in nyc.


Leila said...

Also, you have to love anyone who references Kirkegaard while discussing closet organization.

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