Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stephen Colbert at the White House Press Correspondent's Dinner

sorry to pre-empt my nyc life but i had to put these up. this event got virtually NO press coverage in the states. and why should it? colbert basically hands the president his head on a stick after roasting him so thoroughly, even the republicans couldn't stop laughing. colbert is a genius. i'm a massive fan. these are kind of long (about 7 minutes each or so) but remember, "they" don't want you to see it (they're yanking it off the internet everywhere they can) -- which is exactly why you should take a look.

part one

part two

... and last but not least, part three


Gunnar said...

Hilarious. We were enjoying it a lot. Thanks :)

Gunnar said...

p.s: It can also be found here: