Tuesday, May 16, 2006

the benefit in brooklyn

jc hopkins
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this is jc soundchecking in brooklyn with the biggish band and me for the brooklyn children's museum benefit on monday. pretty swanky stuff. i wore a headwrap and a gown that made everyone say i looked like a young nina simone. the schlossbergs were there -- they presented him with an award -- and a lot of other local nationally renown dignitaries. just as i was geting situated, who should pass by but john schreiber, one of the producers for harlem song. what a shock! we caught up, of course. he's a wonderful guy.

they had sandwiches for the band in a tiny green room far from the maddening crowd -- but trumpet player mark mc gowan and i mingled with the ho polloi instead and noshed on fresh fruit, crudite and, amongst other things, the crabcakes that never seemed to stop coming until we were called to the bandstand. i didn't think i'd eaten that much, but by the time i was ready to sing, i was stuffed.

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