Thursday, January 19, 2006

there's an artnet photo?!

someone sent me a little note and a link to let me know that i'm in artnet, thanks to a shutterbug at franco mondini-ruiz' book signing party for "high pink" at bergdorf-goodman. franco was so sweet to invite me to be a hostess. what a lovely party that was! very highbrow/lowbrow. lots of champagne in dainty little teacups. roasted peanuts in the shell in little baskets. franco's ceramic art and little paintings everywhere. and the food was such a hoot -- lots of mini chili dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches and bite sized tacos. dee-lish. and i love it that his mother signed the books, too.

this is me -- "harlem performance diva" (gee, i guess that's about right) -- with collector lesley horowitz, who was a real doll. *sigh* God, i love that dress... of course, ricky recognized it as a dvf original immediately.

there's probably more pictures floating around out there somewhere. i'd love to see them.

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Mister Bachelor said...

Yeaaaah I love that red dress too. I really, really, love that red dress...