Monday, January 30, 2006

chip robinson and me

this is chip and me, running around downtown nyc the other saturday night. i can't remember exactly what he said that made me want to grab him like that but he definitely deserved it. we went to see demolition string band at rodeo bar, which was a lot of fun -- and way too packed. i have never seen so many yankee cowboys in my life. it was really strange. i guess if you get the hat and the boots, that makes it official -- you're a redneck.

chip is my little hick-a-billy. i hadn't seen him since the middle of december. hard to get him to leave brooklyn for anything -- but he's writing songs again and so am i, so maybe we'll play out soon. i definitely want him to sing with me. i'll even go to brooklyn to make that happen. i am in love with his beautiful voice.

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