Saturday, January 14, 2006

i love this restaurant!

this is the coolest restaurant in brooklyn and no one knows it. not yet, anyway. it's called "a bistro" and it's almost at the corner of myrtle and carlton in ft. greene. it's cassandra and abdul's place. he cooks the food, she serves it. what a team. after they'd been together for awhile, he told her that he wanted to be a chef -- so they rolled up their sleeves collectively, made a plan of action for attending cooking school and working in quite a few gourmet restaurants inbetween and here they are with their own place. ain't married life great? if it's one thing i love, it's a strong partnership. i'm really proud of them.

what's so cool about it?

whenever i'm there, i feel so at home. it's everything -- the curtains at the window, how small and intimate the space is, all of the attention to detail. it's a very relaxed atmosphere. everyone is enjoying the food and each other, even though they're all strangers. not surprisingly, there are quite a few regulars. the food is absolutely spectactular.

they've only been open for about six months or so but the neighborhood seems to be catching on. i try to go there once a week but eventually i'm sure there'll be a new york times review and i won't be able to get in at all.

garland had his birthday party here a few months ago and everything was so good, i had to come back. i want to support my friends when they do things but this is different. there's no obligation here. it's just me, treating their kitchen like it's an extention of my own. it's just that good.

that's the real reason why i work out: so i can eat with relative abandon.


Johnny Wadd said...

I love finding little spots like this too. Beats any overpriced snotty restaurant anyday.

queenesther said...

that's the joy of living and eating in nyc, for me: finding gems like this and being on the inside of something wonderful, before it gets reviewed and everyone else figures it out.