Friday, June 10, 2005

where is my summer?

technically speaking, summer officially starts on june 21st but this humid 90 degree weather is making everything feel like summer and that's got me wondering where my summer is, exactly. i don't want to crash-land into the month of september with no fun under my belt, no travels to speak of, no tan lines whatsoever. i like being proactive about my fun. i don't know why, but fun doesn't materialize out of the ether anymore, and i remember when it used to all the time. when i'm this busy, it has to be planned.

just when i'm trying to figure out how the month is going to end, i get confirmation that my brother emmett's fiance is coming to visit me. she's going to arrive on my birthday, no less, and she'll probably stay through the july 4th holiday. that means i'm not going home for july 4th but as it stands, i may spend just about every weekend of july down south somewhere. i have to go to atlanta to see my parents. and a trip to charleston to see my grandmother and my uncles is mandatory. job sent me a handmade pops staples postcard and on it he stated rather forlornly that it was more than five years since he'd seen my face. so i've got to get to memphis. i'm glad that i'm going to texas next weekend, so i can see all my erstwhile friends and loved ones. looks like the summer is shaping up to be a real tour of the south.

but what am i going to do to celebrate my birthday all month? what am i going to give myself?

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