Sunday, June 12, 2005

stuff i'm going to give myself for my birthday -- the top ten

  1. a full and complete head to toe physical, wherein my lovely upper west side gynocologist tells me i've lowered my cholesterol drastically since my last test and, as usual, gives me a clean bill of health.
  2. a digital camera with all the accessories, to capture more of these kodak moments that won't stop happening to me.
  3. an ipod, for crying out loud. a freakin' ipod.
  4. a membership to the Whitney Museum and a renewed membership to MoMA.
  5. the usual bi-monthly must-do beauty treatments: manicure, pedicure, eyebrow wax at jeniette as usual but this time the monthly facial at Bliss instead of mario badescu -- preferrably in soho (because it's the original location), and probably with my soon-to-be sister-in-law, emmett's fiance melinda. why? so we can lounge in and out of the steam room and graze at the mini-buffet while we wait. where could she possibly do that in atlanta?
  6. a stupidly super-cheap string bikini i found for sale online at victoria's secret.
  7. a subscription to BUST magazine. and last but not least:
  8. three enid collins handbags.
  9. three diane von furstenburg vintage wrap dresses. (is it possible for anyone to look bad in those dresses?)
  10. three watches: one for sports/working out, one for everyday and one to commemorate my birthday.


modavid said...

Happy B-day girl. You 34 still?

mackinaw said...

when is your bday? how come i don't know the answer to that?

queenesther said...

my birthday isn't until june 30. you don't know that, Engaged Guy, because clearly, you don't love me anymore. and yeah, i'm still 34. actually, i plan on being 34 for a long, long time.