Tuesday, January 18, 2005

i'm finally sick

the thing that would occasionally make me sneeze here and there all winter, the thing that was getting everyone else and knocking them down, well, that thing finally jumped on me last night and tried to throttle me. i couldn't sleep. i just lay there, weezing all night, feeling a pain in my neck, dabbing at my sore nose as my ears clicked endlessly. i was so relieved that it wasn't my vocal cords that were hurting and that it wasn't painful to swallow, i didn't mind being a little sick. occasionally, i'd sing a clear tone just to reassure myself that everything was intact.

it's okay to get sick every now and then but i'm never okay with losing my voice. i never know when i may have to use it.

the airborne pills put that thing into a serious headlock. i don't know how that stuff works, but it does work. it cleared my fog without me having to take any medicine.

the glimmer of sunshine in my otherwise cold and rainy day? it's my nephew bamba's birthday. he's only six. he's very good little boy, too. he's the one who made up my favorite southern nickname, so far: Aunt Mommy.

he lit up like a christmas tree when i promised i'd send him a tonka truck. if only hasbro could make me that happy as an adult...

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