Sunday, January 02, 2005

i'm back in action!

welcome to my new and steadily improving 'blog. thank you for reading what i write. thank you for encouraging me to keep writing. thank you, thank you, thank you.

don't get too comfy with the generic visuals. changes will abound in the next few weeks. eventually, what you see here will look a lot more like the me that you probably don't know and have strangely grown to love: the blackgrrl that's the perpetual alternative in an increasingly mainstream world.

that's right. no longer will i go from week to week, telling you of my exploits like the town crier on holiday. no longer will i hold back or leave off or skip dates. no longer will you hear about it from way back, like it happened to somebody else. no! from now on, people, you'll know when i know--or at least, when i can get near a computer. which should be quite often because, God help me, i'm going to get a new laptop very soon. and an ipod. and a big baby taylor.

i'm relieved that i'll be able to scribble about all of the minutae in my world whenever i want to, a world which is going through a major overhaul right about now because believe it or not, january is national "get organized" month--and i'm taking that very seriously. at this rate, i'll need the entire month to get it together. i had no idea i had so much stuff! i'm giving away books, old clothes, old furniture, you name it. and i have to finish painting a section my room. it's small enough to not annoy me for the most part but then again, it's big enough to matter. besides, there's huge paint buckets sitting in the next room, next to my piano. i'm tired of walking past them everyday. last week, they started talking to me like we were buddies from waaaaay back: when are you going to finish that wall? it's been three months! what's the matter with you? hey! who do you think you're ignoring? we're here to help! we know you can hear us... i've had it. i'm finishing the paint job this week.

you should hear what my closets are saying. (such language, such filth...)

if i was down south, i'd have a yard sale on my front lawn, make a few coins. up here, everyone just leaves it on the curb and people pick over it like it's an open air swap meet. i would put it out on the street but i want the tax write-off.

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