Saturday, January 15, 2005

big plans, big plans...

if i were truly loaded, i'd go away for this long weekend. (everyone knows what monday is, right?) i'd go to a spa someplace outside of the city for two or three days. i'd workout, i'd soak and exfoliate, i'd eat sumptuous things and of course i'd oversleep. if i were as high up on the food chain as a b grade tv star, they'd pay for everything, just so they'd be able to tell everyone that i go there. the slightest bit of fame means you get massive amounts of free stuff--usually right at the point when you can afford to buy whatever you want.

as it stands, all i can think about is catching up: hitting the gym and having a nice long hard sweat, then cleaning house. cleaning my room. then running errands. mailing things, going to the bank, strolling through fairway for some yummy things, checking in at the hardware store, blah blah blah. i have to play the piano for awhile.

once everything else is done, i have to wash my hair. this will take me all. night. long. and no, i'm not looking forward to it.

once i'm finished, i'll prop myself up in bed (queen-sized, of course) and watch cable and play my baby taylor until i fall asleep. tomorrow i'll wake up to a "so fresh, so clean" world. that is, if i can pull all of this off. and then monday will be mine all mine...

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