Saturday, February 18, 2012

how green is my kudzu: greatest hits and near misses

here's the entries that are getting the most hits on this blog lately. enjoy!
  1. your inner svengali - a few pithy observations on making the transition to on-camera work from theater/musicals. for some reason, this is a pretty popular post. not for the faint of heart.
  2. why do i love dolly parton? - in my head, she's my mentor. here's why.
  3. oh, lebron - remember that vogue magazine cover that featured lebron james and gisele? yeah, me too.
  4. a two-fer! oh, terrence and terrence howard sings? - remember that jazz album terrence "baby wipes" howard released in 2008? yeah, me too.
  5. grillin' in the ghetto - you do what you gotta do...
  6. the war of attrition - the anatomy of an audition, this time for an industrial for state farm
  7. a picture is worth a thousand words - my first national commercial shoot for ocean spray
  8. black man fridays: geoffrey holder - 'nuff said.
  9. the dr. king interview you probably haven't seen - this is from the mike douglas show, circa 1967: a fascinating chat with mr. douglas, dr. king and singer tony martin (do you even know who he is?) in the guest seat.
  10. the black national anthem controversy - a jazz singer in denver, colorado sings the lyrics of lift every voice and sing over america the beautiful. bedlam ensues.

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