Saturday, February 04, 2012

clothesediting - I wish I could select all of your clothes and press Delete.

how is it possible that i have two closets filled with clothes and absolutely nothing to wear?

it's moments like these when i wish i could get rid of everything -- except my vintage clothes, of course. i've found every dress, every skirt, very very carefully. each item has a story to tell and a history that happened way before i came along, which is important. the past comes alive all around us, all the time -- even if it's within something as simple as what we wear.

according to tim gunn, it's a good idea to edit your closet seasonally but when i can't remember the last time i tossed anything out or at least made a serious donation to the salvation army, i know i'm in big trouble. this week will find me making the tax-deductible drop offs i should have pushed for in december. and it won't be pretty.

wish me luck.

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