Saturday, September 18, 2010

The next gig - WeDaPeople Cabaret, 9/25

presented in partnership with the center for jazz studies at columbia university and the columbia/harlem jazz project, wedapeoples cabaret promises to be an exciting evening of poetry, music, film and dynamic performances.

wedapeoples cabaret was created four years ago by sekou sundiata as a celebration of art and activism, a time to “dance to the revolution.” carrying forward that legacy with his own unique persepective, carl hancock rux fuses political consciousness with artistic mastery in the spirit of max roach and abbey lincoln’s we insist: freedom now suite. rux curates a raucous night of music, spoken word, poetry, film and dialogue paying homage to sundiata’s ever conscious need for insurgent testimony and discourse to extend beyond the academy to reach the community at large.

just so you know -- this is happening on saturday, september 25th at harlem stage, 9:30pm. for more information and tickets ($20): 212 281 9240 ext 19 or 20

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AJ Muhammad said...

And Harlem Stage is doing a special package for folks who want to see both We Da People Cabaret and Blood Dazzler (The dance theater piece about Hurricane Katrina) on the same night. You can get to see both shows (Blood Dazzler at 7:30 and then head over to Aaron Davis Hall for We Da People at 9:30) for $35 as opposed to paying for each show separately!