Thursday, September 02, 2010

great news!

i received notice earlier today from harlem arts alliance, lower manhattan cultural council and the field that i'm one of ten artists that's been chosen to participate in the 2010 uptown/downtown performance development program. i'm using this opportunity to grow the alberta hunter project, an idea written by storyteller daniel carlton and myself that was instigated by a commission from jazzmobile earlier this year for their vocalfest as a tribute to miss hunter.

the performance in the spring at harlem stages for vocalfest was wonderful. daniel and i were onstage with the hot five, strutting our way through the better part of the 20th century via miss hunter's action-packed life. i've got a lot of ideas. and needless to say, i'm very excited.

i'd like to take a moment to thank aj for letting me know about this opportunity and encouraging me to apply for it. ever since he saw my one person show queen esther: unemployed superstar, he's been quite the cheerleader. thanks so much, aj. i hope you'll like the art i'm growing now.

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AJ Muhammad said...

Queen! That is fantastic news!!! When you told me you applied my heart was in my stomach because I know the competition is stiff!!! But God had your back! I am so exiting and I hope that you keep applying for grants and opportunities because you have a gazillion projects in your mind that need to see that light of day!!!

I figured that most times you would've already gotten the info about grants etc and that I was crossposting things that other people send you anyway, but whatever the case is I am glad you followed through!

I am sorry I missed the show at Harlem Stage for the vocalfest!

This is cause for celebration so let me know when and where and you know we--the community--will be there!!!