Friday, September 03, 2010

the last weekend of summer

hard to believe, but summer is days away from being officially over. i am closing that door reluctantly, with a lot of spring cleaning, preproduction notes and lists, and unplanned fun -- which for me is business as usual.

today i'm having lunch with jody and his partner charlie somewhere in hell's kitchen. they zip back to san francisco on sunday. i haven't seen jody in forever and we fell right back in step, like no time at all had passed. he's got his own successful business, he's got a lot of love in his life and he's genuinely happy. in a perfect world, i'd pop in on them every month.

after that, i'm bouncing up to harlem to take a meeting with my co-writer/co-conspirator danny about my idea, the alberta hunter project. i'm so glad i'm doing this project with him, if for no other reason than it gives us a chance to hang out a lot and have this high creative exchange that's so satisfying and full of joy.

what i'm not doing is going to boxing class, which makes me very sad.

wow. where did the time go? the next thing i know, i'm going to be freaking out about what to wear for new year's eve.

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Time can fly,