Monday, March 01, 2010

The QE Top 10

here's what's floating my boat these days - in no particular order, of course.
  1. a family friend sent an amaryllis as a christmas present and it's exploding on my kitchen table in the most vivid shade of red i've ever seen. such brilliance in such an ordinary place. the paperwhites did well this winter, too. from now on, i want something blooming around me whenever it gets cold.
  2. bleinheim ginger ale is well over 100 years old, straight outta hamer, south carolina and simply the absolute best ginger ale on the planet, bar none - and nobody knows it.
  3. boxing, boxing, boxing, boxing, boxing - and all the things that i have to do to get better at it. like jumping rope.
  4. army/navy snowpants really saved my rump this winter. mine are waterproof, fake fur lined, zip up the sides and velcro at the ankles and waist. all that for $20. i'm not the most glamorous one on the block when i wear these - but i am the toastiest!
  5. mexican hot chocolate, with ancho and chipotle chiles. i make it better than anyone but if i had to run out and get a cup, vosges in soho does an excellent version.
  6. afternoon high tea at duane park. *sigh*
  7. the saxophone summit - and yes, i just missed it at the schomburg a few weeks ago...
  8. i know, i know - kiehl's argan dry oil sounds oxymoronic. the truth is, it's incredible. and addictive. and expensive. and totally worth it.
  9. dim sum at red egg - that peruvian-chinese spot on centre street. happy hour there is very happy! maybe not the happiest place on earth - that's disneyland, right? - but definitely the happiest place below 14th street.
  10. ...and last but not least, bon appetit magazine - because basically, it's my porn. and so is this.

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