Saturday, February 27, 2010

steady at it

after two days of principal work on the set of hbo's boardwalk empire, i'm back at it - hard at work learning material for a program at the schomburg on march 8 called four women: a tribute to odetta, miriam makeba, eartha kitt and abbey lincoln. it's for their women's music month series that's happening each monday in march. i'll be playing with my jazz group on the last week. should be a lot of fun.

i'm also auditioning, practicing the guitar and writing new songs, and digging into rewrites for a 10 page submission to naked angels theater company's tuesdays at 9 series. the jazz cd what is love? is getting picked up on radio stations all over the place. everybody thinks it's crazy tasty. in my head, i'm already in preproduction for the next cd - and it's country music.

what's got me buzzing at the moment is that i'm a finalist in the 2009 international songwriting competition. (go figure.)

what with all this snow that won't stop falling, i may not leave the house all weekend - unless of course, i'm heading for nysc on 125 and that glorious steam room. i really want to be a better pugilist. running helps.

waving this japanese flag around for days on end is exhausting. i need multivitamins, a good hard sweat and a three day fast.

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