Sunday, March 01, 2009

oh, biggity-boy!

this month's national blog posting month (nablopomo) theme is giving (up). i'm not sure how much i have to say on that one but then again, writing about the theme is optional -- and writing everyday for public consumption sparks me up. i have no idea why. probably because i have to make a daily deadline, really commit to it. and yeah, sometimes there's feedback. it's easy to forget how important feedback is when what i'm doing is so solitary.

wierd. i've got a ton of ideas coming at me, like shrapnel, and i have no idea why. it's riveting, exhilirating stuff, really freeing and strange. i'm scrambling to write any of it down, document all of it somehow, so i can dissect whatever sticks later when i catch my breath.

not that i'm not writing a lot, anyway. i've got my morning pages to plow through as soon as i wake up and somewhere in the middle of my day, i sit down somewhere, have tea and scribble something else. i'm still working on the book for a jazz burlesque musical. i'm writing more songs and lyrics for two projects that are well underway. and the idea for a one person show is starting to take shape and grow stronger in the back of my mind.

okay. let's see if i can pull this off.

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