Thursday, June 26, 2008

home away from home

i was way too busy shooting a music video in the middle of union square today for the title track of my CD "talkin' fishbowl blues" to blog about home -- so i thought i'd include some shots of the first scenario, which show me "at home" as a small fish in a very big bowl, surrounded by city life. i really loved the concept for the shoot and the way it unraveled the meaning of the song. everyone was so enthusiastic and full of ideas and eager to do a great job. it was a wonderful experience.

to read more about how it all went down, click here.

the opening shot
this is the opening shot.

on the set in the rain
this is john of london, england pretending to be bentley farnsworth.

director and cameraguy and me
this is the director and one of the cameraguys (both of whom are indonesian) discussing a shot.

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