Saturday, June 14, 2008

good news!

the good news is, i'm one of four finalists that have made it to the 3rd round of the jazzmobile jazz vocal competition. i just found out that one of the judges may be hard bop drummer grady tate. what many people don't know is that aside from his definitive jazz drumming style and the countless albums he's recorded with basically everyone, he has another discography as a baritone. i was first acquainted with his work as a part of schoolhouse rock! via mathematics rock! singing two "numbers" for them: one for six ("i got six! that's all there is!") and another for nine ("naughty number nine").

who says television is bad for kids? schoolhouse rock! still rocks.

i wanted to post this on my music blog when i wrote about what happened at round 2 but it wouldn't let me youtube these videos.

here's i got six!

this one is naughty number nine


muruch said...

Congratulations! I read your blogs (and twitters) regularly, but rarely have time to comment. I hope you win the jazz competition.

queenesther said..., too!