Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"White people, get over yourselves..."

This is a cool vlog response to obama's speech about race in america by Dantrification, who's apparently "pretty fly for a white guy." Frankly, I can't believe that there are white people in this country nowadays (or anywhere, for that matter) who don't believe that white privilege exists -- but it's in their best interests to not dismantle a system that is tilted in their favor, so why would they?


White People, Get Over Yourselves from Dantrification on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Very well-spoken. I was very jealous that dantrification had put together so much of this thought into one nice, flowing bit of video.

The problem is, there are still times when assumptions of poverty, lack of education, violent family background, adeptness at gospel singing, etc., will creep into my head before I have a chance to say, "No, this is Marlon, Vanessa or Faduma, an individual, wait to hear the story...don't listen to the tired old tale that's been handed down." Most of the time that works, Queen Esther. Most of the time that works.

Love to you and thanks for posting.