Monday, April 28, 2008

Q&A with rev. jeremiah wright at the national press club

i'm soooooo glad that rev. wright has decided to come out of retirement and defend himself -- now, while there is still so much controversy swirling around his name and what he said, which was not inflammatory in context. i always thought the problem with the sermon was that no one who was criticizing it had actually heard the whole thing. now that they have, everyone is backpedaling because what he said was true.

of course, there were many white nationally known well-respected preachers who said outrageous things about 9/11 in the name of God and country and none of their remarks got anywhere near this much heat.

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rationalpsychic said...

Who writes the Reverend's material? "I'm open to..." being vice president. What a beautiful man to appear in the public eye and allow himself to be accountable to those who've shown only contempt and yet to do so with dignity, humor and enough righteous anger to let us know that this is a man not to be underestimated.

Thanks for posting this. I'll try to get this up on my site, too.