Saturday, February 24, 2007

another day, another audition: A&E Lifestyles promo

i went to kipperman casting for this one. on the black hair front, i forgot my wig -- it was a very "my dog ate my homework" thing -- but it didn't really matter. broke my neck getting there because the weather was foul, there were no taxis and when i did happen to ambush one at a stop light, he wouldn't take me across town because of a water main break on 5th avenue. undaunted, i sprinted from lexington to very nearly 6th avenue to get there on time (who's out of shape?) only to leave when i realized that the room was filled with actors and i didn't have time to wait around. there was one black guy there. of course, we greeted each other immediately and because it was a husband-wife audition scenario, we assumed that they'd see us together. at an initial audition, they might mix it up for the sake of getting through it, but at a callback? no way. they don't think that it's realistic.

i very quickly realized that if i was good but if they didn't choose a black male counterpart for me, i wouldn't get the commercial.

i had to go -- and interestingly, so did the black man. we agreed without discussing it that we would return at the same time. i grabbed the sides, signed in, took the polaroid, filled out my card and gave it to the monitor with a promise that they'd be steady at it until at least 5:10pm. and then i made a hasty exit. (when i went to him to introduce myself, he said somewhat defensively, i know who you are. and i thought, okaaaay...)

when i crash landed into the office after 5pm, things had calmed down considerably but they were still going strong. the scenario was basically a couple who were growing through their home improvements. there were no lines, only several different scenarios that had me reacting to things that were happening around me. (and you know what? it was actually very funny stuff.) after a week of "no lines, just react", i was beyond ready for this. they ran out of guys towards the very end and i ended up going into the room with a beautiful asian woman and a wide-eyed perky looking brunette. the two of them took turns in the husband role, with the asian woman staying to play opposite me. it was a real eye opener, to watch their auditions. and i have to give it to the director and monitor, they had friendliness and energy to spare, in spite of the fact that it was after 6pm when i finally made my exit.

how did i do? only the camera knows for sure. but one thing is true: me doing a great job won't be the thing that gets me the part.

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c a d e said...

"...(when i went to him to introduce myself, he said somewhat defensively, i know who you are. and i thought, okaaaay...)..."

-i love you.