Sunday, February 25, 2007

callback: NY Lotto

i think i botched this one. they put a bunch of guys who looked like plumbers on hippity-hops and had them come at me from across the room and i froze. nice, right? here's the kicker: one of them was a black woman. very pretty, too. she kept laughing and falling off her hippity hop (three times) and i didn't do anything when she did. i think i was afraid that she was going to pull me down to the floor. and i had a wig on. and pumps. frankly, i didn't want to risk it.

of course, all of the black people in the waiting area spoke to each other and ignored everyone else. (no, white people, we black folk don't all know each other -- we just act like we do.) before i went in, a black actor picked me off from the it factor, the reality show i did on bravo a hundred years ago in 2002 and introduced himself. (i think his name was curtis but i'm probably wrong about that.) when i came out, he introduced me to portia. as we greeted each other, i told her i'd seen her name around a lot and she said the same of me. she's in the LAByrinth Theater Company, along with philip seymour-hoffman and daphne ruben-vega. i remember auditioning and getting a callback for the last days of judas iscariot at the public and hearing her name floating around.

oh, well. back to the drawing board.

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