Monday, October 23, 2006

top ten stuff i want NOW

  1. a clean, fixed-up, tricked out, well-organized, roommate-less apartment
  2. oversleep
  3. a big baby taylor
  4. bikini boot camp
  5. more guitar lessons with james "blood" ulmer
  6. my grandmother's recipe for oxtail soup
  7. a trip to rome or paris with my friend (he's never been to europe)
  8. endless time with a personal trainer/pilates instructor
  9. that great recipe for chocolate sour cream cake that i lost somewhere in my apartment
  10. two weeks hanging out all over texas -- sitting in, seeing friends, sipping mescal and eating nothing but world-class tex-mex every single solitary day


blahblahblahblahblah said...

Oxtail soup, chocolate sour cream cake, tex-mex and tequila followed by bikini camp and pilates? Your personal trainer would hate you.

queenesther said...

hey, wait a minute! i love good food but everything in moderation, after all. i don't necessarily eat that stuff -- i serve it. big difference.

besides -- how could i ever look like this if i didn't work out consistently?