Sunday, October 15, 2006

mini-road trip

i'm in the adirondacks, in lake placid to be exact. yes, that lake placid -- site of the 1980 olympics, where a bunch of what amounted to well-intentioned american college students beat the undefeatable powerhouse russian olympic hockey team, arguably the best hockey team in the history of the game. the russian athletes were even threatened with work-camp detail in siberia if they lost, so they were more than motivated to win at any cost. talk about beating the odds. everyone is still trying to figure out how they did it. including them.

i forgot all my music but i've got so all is not lost. not by a long shot.

the gig that brought me here was done with by 10pm, thankfully. i think the guys went to a bar called the zig-zag, to chill out and goof off. i didn't feel like tagging along. i don't want to sit around and watch them get loaded.

i've got a sweet little room in a motor inn that's modernized yet somehow retro, and i'm way too wound up to sleep. i am seriously considering a long soak to take everything down a notch but i'm not so sure it'll work. i'm too excited about everything that's happened, and it's exhausting me. i want to strategize.

everything feels like christmas. that's the only way i can sum it all up at the moment. and wouldn't you know it? earlier this evening, it started to snow...

tomorrow, i need to spend the entire afternoon in church, i need a shot of green vibrance, i need a pedicure and a manicure at jeniette and i need to see my eyebrowist there -- pretty much in that order.

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