Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Spring Essentials

Letting go is difficult. My junk room is a mess and both my closets are filled with stuff I hardly wear. I'm editing my closets the Tim Gunn way this month -- systematically getting rid of clothing that I've emotionally outgrown, worn out or don't wear. Although I'll be making donations to The Bottomless Closet every week, all the vintage stuff will be sold to the highest bidder.

My wardrobe needs a few basics.  My basics. Style over fashion, folks. Here's my top five.

1. Kiehl's Original Musk Oil I have a friend that loves to say, if you aren't wearing perfume, you aren't fully dressed. This is the concentrated fragrance that makes you smell like you. Wonderful stuff.  If I could, I'd bathe in it.  

2. Midi pencil skirts I can't believe this is a trend. I've been wearing them like crazy since forever. All this means is that what I really want won't be that hard to find.  The downside is that I'll have to see it on everybody else.

3. Tea length dresses  This trend means that I can update my vintage versions with their modern counterparts. I love a dress because it's a complete outfit -- no need to look for the just right top or bottom -- just accessorize and go.  The rule is that the hemline is below midcalf, which is fine by me as long as it's not an a-line situation.

4. Metallic pumps  Silver and gold is one thing but metallic is something else.  This would pop profusely with a white dress. 

5. TWA Gear  My Daddy worked for TWA for over 35 years as a ramp serviceman/mechanic.  I didn't mean to start yet another collection -- trust me, I have enough stuff as it is -- but I needed luggage tags and when I found a set of red TWA vintage vinyl ones, I fell down that rabbit hole with a quickness.  Next came a heavy winter jacket and a mechanic's shirt -- the kind he'd wear to work every day when I was a kid. 

I know exactly how all of it will look on me.  After all, I am my father's daughter. 

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